Freedom of Speech

When I think of P.C. I think of the piece of shit technology I’m currently typing this entry on. Then I think, couldn’t you argue it’s politically correct to use P.C. to refer to political correctness?

When I saw this prompt post I said, “Well, we’ll see if your lazy ass will actually contribute,” then I remembered I had done a paper on this exact issue in my AP Language & Composition class. (It was synthesis essay so I had a little help in getting my point across.) In revisiting that essay I could almost see the ideas in my head expanding because they were the same ideas that had been swirling in there when I first read this prompt — it depends on how a person receives what is said to them.

From a young age, children are taught what is referred to as “bad words” this list of words continues to expand as we get older into even more terms that one should refrain from using in polite conversation. These words have different connotations and/or meanings to different people, but because there are a select few who believe we should, “watch our language” those who may believe in “telling it like it is” have no choice but to conform in order to avoid offending those with delicate ears. To sum up the prompt at hand I do believe political correctness is a useful concept, but I also wholeheartedly agree that it stifles “honest” conversation.