Happy Halloween!!

‘Twas the afternoon of Halloween, and all through the hood
All the children were stirring they were up to no good;
They dawned their costumes, ready to scare,
There was Batman, and Dracula, even Chewbacca was there;
Yet two costumes just couldn’t be missed;
Dawned by two little men, too cute to resist;
One was a pirate, the other a tiger,
And they would have been menacing if they were more than two feet higher,
With bags wide open and still missing teeth,
In baby language(I’m guessing) they exclaimed “Trick-or-Treat!”


For the first time in my (insert age here) years on earth, I finally participated in the annual nightly, door-to-door tradition of taking candy from strangers without it being considered solicitation of minors or as it’s more commonly known: Halloween. No, I did not dress up. Instead, I helped chaperone my one-year-old cousin and his two-year-old godbrother.

Now, seeing as it was, again, my first time celebrating Halloween (indirectly), I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we ventured down the block into the bustling throngs of costumed little boys and girls. I wasn’t expecting staunch organization — they’re kids— nor was I expecting all out brawls over various chocolate treats(although some parents were clearly more enthused than their children), but I was expecting more than one measly piece of brand-less, no-name candy. Television lied to me; no one was giving out jumbo sized candy bars or fistfuls of sweets. The Chinese restaurant was giving out fortune cookies instead of candy! A fortune cookie?! That was the biggest trick of night. However, even despite the stinginess of my cousin’s local vendors and neighbors, I definitely enjoyed myself and felt the exuberance all children feel in anticipation of the night’s ultimate prize: free candy.