Procrastination: Silent, but Deadly

Maybe I’ll do it now or maybe later or maybe…sound familiar? Procrastination, as defined by, is the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying; especially — you get the idea. Call it a habit, an act, or whatever bottom line is it’s neither the best trait to have nor the easiest to break.

Procrastination can stall the plans of a day to a screeching halt and leave you to deal with the repercussions of your actions until it is too late. Currently, I am shirking off my summer work as well as researching different colleges (becoming an adult: scary thought!); instead of doing either of these things I have engrossed myself in exploring the world of blogging as well as reigniting my love of reading.

I don’t know why I procrastinate especially when by doing so I unintentionally give my Mother license to harp on and on about getting things out of the way to have the day free — yeah…okay! I find that while my work may be rushed and half-assed it’s usually some of my best — a bizarre, one-of-a-kind skill I fully intend to exploit until my personal well of spur-of-the-moment, crunched-for-time ideas runs dry.


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. . . Who is The Blogging-est Blogger of Them All?

  • Blog Name: Whenever I create a username I like to have an element of who, what, when, where, why and/or how I created the blog as well a bit of myself in it. The ‘tosh’ represents that I was watching Tosh.0 when I decided to create this blog. The ‘j’ is the little piece of me I mentioned earlier specifically my middle name which is pronounced like the letter J.
  • Theme(s)/Design: I’m still not entirely sure how I want to present my blog. I know I was looking for a newspaper article motif/design to showcase my ideas, but right now I’m just looking for something that really pops and isn’t boring, yet also conveys the professionalism I hope to display through my posts and participation on this site. Right now it’s pretty obvious that I’m indecisive when it comes to decision making having changed my theme several times in the past couple days.
  • Bio: My About page is pretty straight-forward in my opinion (I can’t really speak for anyone else). If you want to know more explore my blog, site, whatever; the picture of the Joker pretty much sums it up, “Welcome to the Madhouse!” (It’s not so bad once you understand what is going on at least half the time)
  • Posts: My posts so far are either works I have previously written and would like more feedback on because I don’t usually let people read my work and they say that’s the best way to see if you have any talent by letting people read your works who you don’t have close personal ties to OR it’s answering this Daily Post. I’m going to eventually go beyond my comfort zone and write a well thought out researched topic that interests me or a random work that comes to mind. I’m actually thinking of doing a quotes page . . . we’ll see!

Freedom of Speech

When I think of P.C. I think of the piece of shit technology I’m currently typing this entry on. Then I think, couldn’t you argue it’s politically correct to use P.C. to refer to political correctness?

When I saw this prompt post I said, “Well, we’ll see if your lazy ass will actually contribute,” then I remembered I had done a paper on this exact issue in my AP Language & Composition class. (It was synthesis essay so I had a little help in getting my point across.) In revisiting that essay I could almost see the ideas in my head expanding because they were the same ideas that had been swirling in there when I first read this prompt — it depends on how a person receives what is said to them.

From a young age, children are taught what is referred to as “bad words” this list of words continues to expand as we get older into even more terms that one should refrain from using in polite conversation. These words have different connotations and/or meanings to different people, but because there are a select few who believe we should, “watch our language” those who may believe in “telling it like it is” have no choice but to conform in order to avoid offending those with delicate ears. To sum up the prompt at hand I do believe political correctness is a useful concept, but I also wholeheartedly agree that it stifles “honest” conversation.